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Wood Pellet Heating Lancaster, PA

Why Choose Wood Pellets for Heating?

An Ecofriendly Heating Solution

Using wood pellets for heating is an ecofriendly heating choice. Stop supporting fracking and the use of oil reserves to heat your home! Rather, burn waste products from wood manufacturing and save both dollars and the earth’s environment. Our wood pellet stoves and wood pellet boilers offer an ecofriendly approach to heating your home, office or warehouse.

Efficient Heating Source

Kingdom BioFuel’s pellet boilers and pellet heating stoves are among the most efficient heating sources in the world. Our most efficient WOOD PELLET STOVES offer an 87% efficiency rating. This means that you will have less cost to your pocketbook and less smoke out the chimney.

High Tech Pellet Stoves and Boilers

Our efficient wood pellet stoves and boilers offer many features to keep your home warm at a reasonable cost. Remote control on some units allows you to control the temperature from a distance. A quick start system means your wood pellet stove will be giving off heat within minutes and a built in humidifier can keep the air in your home from becoming to dry.

Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Our Wood Pellet Stoves create a cozy atmosphere for your main living area while heating the entire house. Buy a pellet stove which can heat your home in zones. Enjoy the comfort of a Window Pellet Stove while saving the environment and staying cozy during the coldest days of the year.

How many pellets Does it Take to Heat a Home?

Great question! That varies widely depending on many factors. Generally, the average homeowner will need 2 to 3 tons of wood pellets to heat their home annually. Find the answer to how many tons of pellets it will take to heat your home.

The Advantages of Bulk Wood Pellets

Environmentally Friendly

Heating with bulk wood pellets is an environmentally friendly choice. Besides a carbon neutral heating source, there are no more bags to fill up the landfill.

Super Premium Pellets

When you buy hardwood bulk pellets from Kingdom BioFuel, you can chose our Super Premium Wood Pellets. The result: Less Ash and more heat all winter long.

Hassle Free Delivery

How much would you pay to have your heating pellets delivered into a bin while you’re at work or the beach? With our bulk delivery, we deliver directly into your bin.

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Save Trash by Burning Bulk Wood Pellets

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