20 Reasons to Switch to Ecofriendly Pellet Heating

Pellet Heating Solutions for Pennsylvania and Maryland

Wondering why you should choose wood pellet heating as your heat choice? Read on to find out many benefits in choosing pelleting heating from Kingdom BioFuel. You will not only save financial resources, you will help free yourself from the fluctuation of gas and oil prices, use recycled materials for heating and find a heating solutions that is both efficient and cozy.

  1. Save on your heating costs by heating with wood pellets

  2. We all know that a the cost of heating has skyrocketed in the past years. When you switch to pellet heating with Kingdom BioFuel you can save up to 50% of your heating costs. And even though this varies with the prices of gas and fuel for heating, you can save dollars and the scarce resources of gas and oil.

  3. Heating with Pellets means no dependence on foreign oil

  4. Not only are you saving on your heating costs, you are lessening your own dependence on foreign oil. So when the prices of oil goes up, your cost of heating with pellets should stay relatively safe. Now, not only do you get to experience the comfort of the wood pellet stoves, you can make a difference in making America more independent.

  5. Carbon neutral heating source

  6. Pellet heating is considered to be a carbon neutral heating solution. This means that burning wood pellets for heat causes the same amount of carbon as a tree rotting on the forest. So with pellet heating you are taking a resource that would contribute to carbon gases without any gain and with an equal amount of carbon gases heating your home. Not-to-mention that you are saving other scarce resources.

  7. Use recycled natural resources

  8. Burning wood pellets for heat is a great feeling since you know you are burning recycled products. Not only are you keeping the landfills empty, you are assisting to taking a product that could become a waste product and using it for heating your home or business.

  9. Highly efficient heating source up to 88% efficient

  10. And if you think we promote pellet heating solutions just to bolster our business, think about this. Our pellet stoves and wood pellet boilers have a very high level of efficiency. In other words, 88% of the heat your pellets make, actually goes to heat your home or business. While gas efficiency rates are a bit higher, the fact that you are using a recycled product means you are making the best choice with pellet heating.

  11. Safer than oil and propane (no explosive content)

  12. Wood pellets are also safer than gas or oil heat. Both of gas and oil heat have explosive content. Light a match to a gas leak in your home and you could have a massive explosion. With bulk wood pellets as your heating source, there is no need to fear an explosion and no lines to spring a leak that could jeopardize your homes security.

  13. Create a cozy atmosphere with a pellet stove

  14. Our lovely Pellet Stoves for Heating are not only beautiful to behold, they provide a very cozy atmosphere. Many of us know what it is like to cozy up to an open fire in the dead of winter after a cold night out. Well, that is what our wood pellet stoves offer. Savings in heating costs, an ecofriendly heating choice and a cozy atmosphere.

  15. Support the local economy – locally manufactured pellets

  16. Oil and gas are imported from who-knows-where. But when you buy wood pellets for heating, you are using a locally produced product. Sawdust is recycled from local sawmills and put through a process to turn it into hardwood pellets. When the pellets come to your home you can have the peace of mind that you have helped to bolster the local economy. And Kingdom BioFuel is even working on setting up their pellet mill…stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter!

  17. Create local jobs by buying pellet storage bins

  18. When you buy from Kingdom BioFuel you are also creating local jobs. Whether it is buying bulk wood pellets for heating or purchasing a pellet heating storage bin from our many options, you are creating jobs for local people with families and bills just like you have. Support your local economy and buy bulk wood pellets and pellet storage systems from Kingdom BioFuel.

  19. Bulk pellets allow for hands-free heating solutions

  20. Bulk wood pellets allow of a pellet heating solution that requires almost nothing from you. Our residential and commercial boiler systems have auto cleaning systems and only require removal of ashes several times each year. The pellet stoves require refilling manually but we are working a vacuum system to bring the pellets right to your stove thus reducing the need to run to the garage or basement when the stove needs pellets.

  21. An increasingly popular heating choice with over 1 million users in USA

  22. Wood pellet heating is not a new idea. Currently there are over 1 million users in the USA. Nineteen million tons of wood pellets for heating are produced in the USA each year and the trend is only increasing. Consider this: In 2000, the northeastern part of the USA had NO bulk pellets trucks on the road. Today there are over 30 trucks filling bins all throughout the northeast in America. Hundreds of households have switched from gas and oil to pellet heating, join them today!

  23. Proven boiler and stove technology from Europe

  24. Europe has been using wood pellets as a heating source for thirty plus years. Their pellet boilers and stoves have been tested and tried. So when you buy a pellet stove from Kingdom BioFuel and discover that it is made in Italy, you can be assured that this unit has a history behind it.

  25. Pellet Boilers can be used in small or large spaces

  26. If you think you space is to large of a pellet heating solution…think again. We offer pellet boilers that can heat small spaces as well as large buildings. Several pellet boilers can be joined together into one unit to produce millions of BTUs of heat. So if you have a large space that needs cheap heat, consider pellet heating as an option.

  27. The satisfaction of burning wood without the hard labor

  28. Burning wood is a great idea for some folks, but the hard work of cutting and collecting firewood can be overwhelming. What if you could burn wood without all the hard work? Well, with pellet heating from KBF you can do just that. Burn wood pellets and get the cozy advantage without all the challenging labor.

  29. Use with hot water or forced air

  30. Want to use pellet fuel for heating but have an existing forced air system in the house? We can even cover that with our pellet stoves or a retrofit discussed below. Call us today to find out what can be done to have a forced air pellet heating system in your home or business.

  31. Retrofits available for your existing oil boiler

  32. At KBF we even offer a retrofit for your existing oil or gas furnace. So now you can keep your existing furnace, pipes and systems in place and simply put in a pellet retrofit that will fit into your unit. You can even have the retrofit for pellet heating setup for auto-feeding the pellets to the unit and make for very little hassle.

  33. Vac systems transfer pellets to boiler or cabinet beside the pellet stove

  34. To make pellet heating an even better choice KBF provides solutions for auto-feeding pellet furnaces and is working hard on a vc system which will bring pellets from the basement or garage to a cabinet right next to your pellet stove. So whether you need a pellet furnace in the basement that is auto-feeding or a stove on the second floor, we provide solutions to make it much more handy.

  35. Easy heating choice, simply turn the thermostat up and down as with a oil or gas

  36. And if you are thinking that pellet heating choices will mean regulating the temperature manually, you are wrong! Our pellets and furnaces come equipped to work with a thermostat just like a gas or oil furnace. Simply raise or lower the thermostat as you would in any other furnace and find you home to be a comfortable place.

  37. More even heating than gas, the temperature stays more stable

  38. Furthermore, heating with pellets offers a more stable temperature source. No longer will you have as much fluctuation between high and low on the thermostat. Pellet stoves and pellet furnaces offer a more even heat source.

  39. We Offer Many Pellet Stove and Pellet Boiler Choices for Commercial and Residential

  40. If that is not enough to convince you, then take a look at all the options we have for wood pellet stoves and commercial pellet boilers and residential pellet boilers. Not only do we offer many models to chose from, we offer accessories, pellet stove and boiler service, bulk wood pellets delivered to you home and much more. When you are looking for a great heating source, choose wood pellet heating and find out the advantage!