Hello Friends,

Kingdom Biofuel is excited to present our New Year’s Pellet Stove Deals Super Special! When you buy one of our high quality, technologically superior and super reliable European-made Ravelli Stoves, you will not only receive 1 free ton of our premium quality wood pellets (less than 1% ash content, 8,500 BTU per lb), but you can also choose one of the options listed below as part of our New Year’s Special:

1) Free annual cleaning/maintenance for the first year with the purchase of a new Ravelli Stove
2) Free pellet delivery* with the purchase of a new Ravelli Stove (*depending if your location is within our service area)
3) 10% off your next pellet order with the purchase of a new Ravelli Stove.
4) 10% off a Storage Bin with the purchase of a new Ravelli Stove

Yes, when you order your Ravelli Stove, which we consider to be the best pellet stoves on the market, by January the 23rd, you will receive 1 Free Ton of wood pellets and you can choose one of the four other special offers.

We hope you are off to a great start in the New Year and looking forward to hearing from you!

Kingdom BioFuel
Office: 717-344-5429

Why Choose a Ravelli Stove?

  1. RDS Unique Technology
  2. Super Efficiency
  3. Beautiful Designs
  4. Ducted Stoves

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