Buy Horse Bedding Pellets in PA

Horse Bedding Pellets in Bulk

Free delivery up to 25 miles • $3 per mile after that

Storage a problem? We have one ton reusable super sacks for $25 and wooden 2 ton bins for $895. Or get a set of Free Plans to build your own bin. Check out our blog post about the Benefits of have a Horse Bedding Pellets

Hear about Debra's switch to Bulk Bedding Pellets

Why use Pellets for Bedding?

• They absorb 6-10% more moisture than kiln dried shavings
• Reduces ammonia smell
• Reduces stall clean out time
• Cheaper than traditional shavings
• Reduces waste removal up to 50%
• Dramatically reduces storage space
• Less dust than traditional shavings
• Perfect for horses and small animals
• Less labor = less time = more time with your horses!

Why Buy Horse Bedding Pellets in Bulk?

• More economical than bags
• Eco-friendly
• No more bags to handle around
• Delivered directly into your storage area
• No more plastic disposal costs
• Easier to spread in stall area
• Hassle free
• You can set up automatic delivery

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