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When you are looking for a pellet stove in PA, MD or DE you want to be sure you choose the BEST PELLET STOVE on the market. But in order to find the best pellet stoves, one must dedicate time to discovering the pros and cons of various pellet stoves available.

The scope of this article is not to bring you information on the cheapest pellet stoves on the market. Rather, we are looking closely at the Ravelli brand of Italian made pellet stoves to show how they perform better the Harmon Pellet Stoves and other popular brands of pellet stoves. We want you to choose the best pellet stoves available in the USA.

Why Ravelli is the Best Pellet Stove Choice

Ravelli pellet stoves beat their competition in a number of fields. First, they are the best pellet stoves because they offer advanced technology in the pellet heating industry. Ravelli Pellet Stoves compare closely with the specs of Harmon and other pellets stove, but where Ravelli stoves outshine the others is an automated exhaust adjustment system(RDS) to keep the pellet stove running at the highest efficiency possible.

For example, you install a Harmon Pellet Stove and a Ravelli Pellet Stove on the same day and under the same circumstances. On that day, both of the stoves will perform at 87% efficiency level. However, as time goes on, the Harmon will gather dust and ash around the back venting area of the stove. This in turn reduces the efficiency level of the flame. By the time your reach the end of the heating season, your Harmon stove could be burning nearly 20% more pellets than the automated Ravelli Stove installed on the same day.

What makes the Ravelli Stove stand out in this situation and thus the best choice for a pellet burning stove is this. Ravelli offers an automated adjusting ventilation system linked with its high tech RDS system. When the stove needs more air to burn efficiently, the RDS system tells the motor to open the vent a bit further and bring more air into the stove. This both enhance efficiency throughout the season and also makes a hands free pellet heating experience.

Other Features that Make Ravelli the Best Choice for Pellet Stoves

Next, lets compare some of the features of our Ravelli Pellet Stove with a Piazzetta stove. In this case, both stoves are Italian made and of high quality. But the feature of Ravelli that make it the best choice for a pellet stove are two. First, the Ravelli offers a sim card insert into the stove which allows you to control the stove remotely. So if you are returning from a weekend on vacation and want warm house when you arrive, simply text your stove “turn on” and it will either text back saying “I am running” or “I am out of pellets.”

Another feature that makes Ravelli a better choice is their quality product. Piazzatta stoves which are brought into the USA are of much lesser quality than their stoves in Italy. Ravelli Stoves of made of the same material in the USA and in Italy again making them the best choice for a pellet stove in the USA.

Want to heat three separate rooms with three separate thermostats? Ravelli allows for that in the RC120 and the Holy C pellet stoves which allows you to heat three separate rooms at different temperatures.

The Best BTU in Pellet Stoves

Keep in mind that if you are comparing a US made BTU rating with Ravelli you are not talking about the same thing. With US ratings a stove rated to put out 50,000 BTU can certainly make that much heat. However, some of that heat goes out the chimney. So you might end up with only 40,000 BTU in the house. Ravelli Pellet Stoves are rated on how much heat actually stays in the house. Hence, if you are buying a pellet stove and want the best for keeping the BTUs in the house, then go with Ravell!  

Where to buy The Best Pellet Stoves in PA, MD, and DE

There is much more to learn about why Ravelli Stoves are the best pellet stoves in the USA. If you want to learn more about Ravelli Stoves or get a free catalog, simply click below. Buy the best wood pellet stove from Kingdom BioFuel today! Or call Kingdom BioFuel at 717-344-5429. We would love to hear from you!

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