Kingdom Biofuel Biomass Heating Videos

20 Reasons to Switch to Bulk Pellets

Switch to bulk wood pellets and save time, money and energy.

Truck Bulk Pellet Delivery

Get your pellets delivered to you by our KBF team at the comfort of your house.

Switch From Bag to Bulk

With KBF you can save time, energy and money by switching from bag to bulk biomass heating pellets.

Custom Made Biomass Pellet Storage Shed

Get a custom made storage shed to house your Biomass Heating Pellets

Easy Pellet Boiler Installation

Have our professional KBF team install your pellet boiler to you home and enjoy an effective heating.

Save Waste with Kingdom Biofuel

with KBF eco-friendly bulk delivery system you wont have to waste bags again

Custom DIY Biomass Pellet Storage Bin

No need to carry heavy pellet bags anymore. Built a biomass pellet storage bin.

Homemade Bin for Biomass Heating

Marini Made Harps loves his homemade pellet storage bin for his workplace.

Fill Kit for Biomass Pellet Bin

Buy a fill kit for a pellet storage bin in your basement. See our fill kit for pellet storage.

Install Your Own Pellet Stove

Learn how to install one of our efficient pellet stoves . And find out why Ravelli are the best pellet stoves!

Time to Switch, Store and Save Money With Wood Pellet Heating

Wood Pellet Energy Shed

Store your Heating Wood Pellets in an Energy shed Outside of your house.

Switch To Wood Pellet Boiler

Wood Pellet Boiler is Effective,Environment friendly Heating thats easy on your wallet.

Oil Burner To Wood Pellets

Convert your existing Oil Burner to run on Wood Pellets

Cord Wood To AutoPellet Boiler

This boiler lets you turn your cordwood boiler or furnace into Auto-feed wood pellet burner.

Loading Pellets with Leafblower

In areas where wood pellet Bulk Delivery is not available use this method to load your bin

Fully Automatic Wood Pellet Heating system

See Our Central Heating system that can Cut your Heating Cost By up to 60% compared to Oil.

Wood pellet Customer Testimonials and Discussion

Wood Pellet Home owners Discussion

Home Owners that Switched to heating with Wood pellets Discussion

Economical Heating Option

Switch to Wood pellets and contribute to an Economical solution Home Heating.

Ash removal and Fuel Feed Systems

Vacuum Fuel Feed

This system uses vacuum to transfer Pellets from the storage to boiler.

Wood Pellet Ash Removal

Removing Dust and Ash from the pellet boiler with Auto-ash Compressing Box.

Auger Fuel Feed

This method is economical delivery system and can be used when storage can be located adjacent to the boiler