Indoor Pellet Storage Bins

This Pellet Storage Bin can house 2 tons of premium wood pellets with easy access to clean and re-fill. It can easily be built as a DIY project in one day at a very reasonable cost. With our Free Bin Plans, you can have this bin installed quickly and with a few basic tools.

Pellet Storage Bin on the 3rd Floor

You too can build your Pellet Storage Bins on the first, second or third floor. This custom designed and installed pellet bin has some great features to make filling the wood pellet stove mighty easy. Since the pellet storage bin is on the third floor, pellets gravity feed to the pellet stove. See this pellet bin video in our pellet storage bin ideas gallery to see how easy it is to fill Alex’s pellet stove. This pellet storage bin stores about 3 tons of bulk wood pellets. Within a few hours you can have a similar pellet bin installed for your bulk wood pellets.

Outdoor Shed Pellet Storage Bin

Store your Bulk Wood Pellets with our custom pellet storage sheds option and save space in your home. With this outdoor pellet storage shed design, we can create an outdoor pellet furnace shed to house your pellets and an outdoor furnace to heat your home. With endless colors to chose from and many customized features you can get the right storage solution. these sheds are professionally built to House almost any amount of Premium Wood Pellets

Custom Built Pellet Storage Bin in PA

Great job Daniel Stoltzfus! We like your custom designed pellet storage bin. Check out the special design of this pellet bin and especially the way it takes up so little floor space. Daniel wanted to preserve his floor space so he built the bin narrow at the bottom and wider on top. The pellets then flow on down into his pellet stove on the floor below. The pellet storage bin also features peep holes so Daniel can look inside and see the level of his pellets at any time. Watch the pellet bin video and see how he painted lines on his pellet bin so he can at a glance see the level of the bulk wood pellets left in the bin.