Cheap Super Sack Pellet Storage

Get a FREE Bulk Pellet Storage Super Sack with your first order of pellets from Kingdom BioFuel. This pellet storage system will easily be setup in your basement or garage and allow for easy switching from bag to bulk pellets.

Super Sack Pellet Storage Pros:

  • Free for new customers
  • Quick Solution for new bulk pellet users
  • Foldable to keep them out of the way until the next season
  • Combine several sacks for storing more than one ton of pellets
  • Takes up the same amount of space as a pallet of bags

Super Sack Pellet Storage Cons:

  • Limited to one ton per bag
  • KBF must have access to the home/storage unit for delivery of bulk pellets
  • Not optimized for vac systems

First Supersack FREE for New Customers $25.00 per sack thereafter

Economy DIY Bulk Pellet Storage Bin

The Economy Bulk Pellet Storage Bin Kit is a 4 ft square x 7 ft high pellet storage bin which can be installed by the customer. This wooden pellet storage bin features 1. 75 tons capacity and is fitted for a scoop and pour method. Includes a fill kit to make refilling your pellet bin a breeze. Fill kits include pellet dedusting capabilities and 10 ft of pipe so Kingdom BioFuel can refill your bin from the outside of the house.

Economy Pellet Store Bin Kit Pros:

  • Do-it-Yourself kit with assembly instructions
  • Includes a fill kit to make refilling your pellet bin a breeze
  • Replaces Super-Sack but nearly doubles the capacity
  • Buy bulk pellets at summer prices and store for the winter

Economy Pellet Store Bin Kit Cons:

  • Limited to 2 Tons
  • No option for a vac system to transport pellets to stove

Shed Bulk Pellet Storage Solutions

If you do not want to declutter the basement or garage, consider a Bulk Pellet Storage Shed for a bulk pellet storage solution. Our pellet sheds come in scoop and pour capabilities or fitted with a shed to house vac system that will bring the wood heating pellets to a cabinet next to the stove or directly into the furnace in the house.

Bulk Pellet Storage Shed Pros:

  • Saves space in the basement or garage
  • Use with pellet vacuum systems or scoop and pour
  • Custom sizes, designs and colors available
  • Include an area for garden and yard tools
  • Adds value to your property
  • Fill the shed without homeowner being present

Bulk Pellet Storage Shed Cons:

  • Higher startup costs
  • Scoop and pour requires going outside the home to retrieve pellets
  • Must have yard space to place a pellet storage shed

Watch a KBF Pellet Storage Shed Video

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