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How many pellets does it take to heat a home?


Are you considering switching to wood pellets to heat your home? If so, there are some important questions to consider. One of the most important is "How many pellets does it take to heat a home?" It’s an important question because pellets cost money. You want to be sure of making ... Read More
March 15, 2019Chris Stoltzfus


Pellet stoves are efficient in producing high heat and burn consistently and reliably with minimal tending. They also produce less ash than wood-burning stoves or fireplaces and are available in a wide variety of sizes, capacities, and styles. Heating with Pellet Stoves is an alternative heating option for people with no ... Read More
October 4, 2017Chris Stoltzfus


Shop Our Pellet Stoves
December 16, 2015Chris Stoltzfus


It’s not yet the season to be jolly, but it will be before you know it! And when it comes you will not want to be carrying bagged PELLETS FOR PELLET STOVES through the house to keep it warm. So while you are firing up the pellet stove from months of being ... Read More
October 20, 2015Chris Stoltzfus


  When you are looking for a pellet stove in PA, MD or DE you want to be sure you choose the BEST PELLET STOVE on the market. But in order to find the best pellet stoves, one must dedicate time to discovering the pros and cons of various pellet stoves available. The scope ... Read More
October 14, 2015Chris Stoltzfus