Tell a Friend and Get Cheap Wood Pellets and Discounted Pellet Stoves and Boilers

Now that you are here, let us tell you how to save even more money by burning wood pellets. Now you can burn cheap wood pellets by telling your friends and neighbors about our eco-friendly heating solutions. So get started telling your friends about our cheap heating solutions and you both win. You get to burn even cheaper wood pellets or get a discount on our pellet storage systems, wood pellets stoves or our high tech and energy efficient wood pellet boilers.

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Our ''Tell A Friend!'' Program Lets You Get Cheap Wood Pellets and Supplies

Here is a list of things you can consider sharing with your friends to get your cheap wood pellets, discounted pellet stoves, boilers and storage bins. We want our customers to have the best in Wood Pellets and have prices that will be easy on the pocketbook. Here we are offering one more option for you to save money with wood pellet heating. if your friends mention your name when they place their order you will receive a credit as follows:

They Buy Wood Pellets: You Get $15 off on your next Order
They Buy a Pellet Storage Bin: You Get $25 off on your next Order
They Buy a Wood Pellet Stove: You Get $50 off on your next Order
They Buy a Wood Pellet Boiler: You Get $100 off on your next Order

Compare the Rising Costs of Heating with Oil, Propane or Pellets since 1999

Increase in Cost of Pellets since 1999 / 100%
Increase in Cost of Propane since 1999 / 305%
Increase in Cost of Heating Oil since 1999 / 350%