Commercial Maine Energy Systems Wood Pellet Boiler

The MESys AutoPellet residential wood pellet boiler is effortless to use and is ideal for central heating and domestic hot water. The pellet boiler for residential use comes in three sizes and can heat both small commercial spaces and very large commercial spaces by staging several pellet boilers together.

The AutoPellet is a fully-automated standalone system designed to meet the demands for your household or commercial heating needs. It provides 300 Pounds of integrated wood pellet storage within the unit and is outfitted auto feeding auger or vacuum system to make your pellet heating system almost entirely hands free.

The MeSys Pellet Boiler is an ecofriendly heating solution which includes automated heat exchanger cleaning of the boiler system. Simply remove the ash several times per year and spread it on the garden or yard for a healthier backyard.
These automated pellet boilers are 87.7% efficient meaning you will burn less pellets for more heat!

Other features include:

  • Industry Leading 30-Year Warranty
  • Automatic Electric Ignition
  • Two Options for a Hands-Free Feeding System
  • 60,000+ Units in Operation
  • Optional Auto-Ash Compression

MESys Auto pellet boiler

Watch an Ash Removal Video

MESys autopellet Cutaway

Commercial Pellergy Alpha Wood Pellet Boilers

The Pellergy Alpha wood pellet boilers are one of the most advanced, efficient, and low maintenance residential wood pellet boilers available in the world. They are compact in design, integrating a 330 LBS hopper directly into the boiler itself for auto feed, or a vacuum transfer system for automated bulk feeding the boiler with pellets. The bulk feed system can be fitted with a single suction probe for use with Kingdom BioFuel custom made bins or fabric bins in your home.

Buy a Pellergy wood pellet boiler for your residential heating system and save hundreds of dollars on your home heating costs. Kingdom BioFuel offers a full service plan from installing wood pellet boilers, providing maintenance and repair services to providing bulk wood pellets for heating. Our residential pellet boilers offer a great solution for an ecofriendly heating solution.

The Pellergy Alpha boiler is a fully automatic system that incorporates:

  • Fully automated chamber cleaning and ash removal
  • Fully automated heat transfer surface cleaning
  • Automated ash removal with an integrated ash collection box to minimize required maintenance
  • Firing rate modulation and advanced Thermocontrol allowing the boiler to fire down to 30% of its rated output eliminating the need for costly buffer tanks

Commercial Wood Pellet Burners for Existing Boilers

The wood pellet burner is the technologically-enabling component of the Pellergy system. The burner combines all the necessary ingredients for complete combustion—heat, fuel and air—to produce a clean-burning flame to fire in a new or existing boiler or furnace. Pellergy wood pellet burners provide for fully automated combustion by incorporating an electronic ignitor, combustion blower and a photoelectric flame sensor. The burner ignites the wood pellets, supplies combustion air and monitors the flame for proper operation. Design features of the burner allow for very high temperature combustion without suffering the effects of corrosion or thermal breakdown.

The Pellergy burner comes in 2 sizes, the 1525 to heat buildings up to about 3,000 square feet, and the 3500 for larger spacesPellergy’s wood pellet burners are very efficient. The burner operates on gasification principals to provide for the most compete combustion possible. Primary combustion air gasifies the wood pellets within the burner, then pre-heated secondary combustion air is injected to produce the same heat output as an oil burner. Pellergy’s wood pellet burner mounts directly on an existing boiler or furnace or can be used to fire a new system. It is also flexible and can be set up to meet the heat output (btu/hr) firing requirements of your existing system. The wood pellet burner is set up, optimized and left to automatically fire your system and heat your home or business.

Why Switch to Wood Pellet Heating for your Commercial Space

A pellet boiler is a great choice as a primary heating source. Wood pellets are basically a way of using scrap products from wood product manufacturing plants . ( ie sawdust ) So it is renewable energy from our own resources. Pellet boilers are used just as an oil boiler is, creating heat by hot water. ( radiators ) Or you can use as hot air with baseboard heat.
Using wood pellets as opposed to oil or gas is a huge advantage to our eco system on planet earth. We also offer complete installation for the boiler or stove as well as continued preventive maintenance , and service if needed. Available as well are various types of pellet storage bins, or sacks and of course pellet delivery direct to your bin. Our boilers can be installed outside in a complete ” energy shed ” which will house the boiler as well as the pellets. Indoor installations are also available.
All pellet Boilers require very low maintenance , self cleaning , the only maintenance that is needed is to dump the ash tray several times per season
direct fuel feed (no touch ). Vacuum or auger fed. From the bin to the boiler..
able to heat a large area with one boiler. Or stage up to 4 boilers together for larger buildings..
Homes,businesses ,municipal buildings,schools etc.can save large amounts of money
Easy to adapt to your need.
warranties. Up to 30 years
more than 40,000 sold world wide