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Kingdom BioFuel's Pellet Fuel PA Services

Bulk Pellets Delivered

Bulk Pellets take the hard work out of pellet heating solutions. Rather than handling bagged heating pellets into the house, you can have pellets blown into a storage system…

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Pellet Stoves

We offer many options for Window Pellet Heating Stoves for your home or office. Our pellet stoves are among the best in the industry with up to 87% efficiency ratings

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Wood Pellet Boilers

Buy a wood pellet heating boiler for your home or business. We have units to heat large commercial warehouse with pellet heating systems. Call us for a FREE QUOTE!

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Pellet Energy Sheds

Buy a Pellet Heating Boiler and install it in an outdoor Energy Shed. The shed can be outfitted to store the pellets and the boiler with automatic feed.

Accessories for Your Pellet Stove

Buy Pellet Heating Accessories including pellet storage units, stove accessories, shovels and buckets. We offer a full range of pellet stove and boiler accessories.

Service and Maintenance

Call Kingdom BioFuel for all your pellet heating maintenance needs. We service pellet stoves and boiler in Central PA and Northern Maryland.

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