Cost of Heating with Wood Pellets vs. Propane or Oil


Cost of Heating with Wood Pellets vs. Propane or Oil

When choosing whether or not to heat your home or business with wood pellets, the first question many want to answer is the COST OF HEATING WITH WOOD PELLETS and how it compares with propane or oil. There are many factors impacting the cost of heating wood with pellets but here are just a few.

  1. The demand for wood pellets in any given year. This is often impacted by the winter temperatures among other things. If the weather is really cold, there is more demand for wood heating pellets thus driving the cost of heating with wood pellets higher.
  2. Availability of the raw materials to make wood pellets for heating. There is not an endless amount of sawdust available to make pellets for heating. Since wood pellets are made from recycled sawdust and shavings, there is only a certain amount available. When demand increases, availability of the wood pellet raw materials decreases.
  3. The cost of propane and heating oil. If the cost of crude oil and propane is higher, it increases the cost of transporting and running the machines that make wood pellets. That will increase the cost of heating with wood pellets.
  4. Distance for a Wood Pellet Mill. In the past, Kingdom BioFuel purchased wood pellets from other pellet mills which increased the cost of transportation. However, in 2016 we have now have our own wood pellet mill in PA and will be producing our own premium wood pellets. This is will lower the cost of heating with wood pellets in southern PA, Northern Maryland and Delaware.
  5. Bulk wood pellets or Bagged wood pellets. If you buy in wood pellets in bulk, you will save on the cost of heating with wood pellets. At Kingdom BioFuel we offer wood pellets in bulk to be blown directly into your pellet storage bin. You can also buy bagged wooden pellets if you prefer that method. Both are available for delivery.
  6. The efficiency of your pellet stove or boiler has a very large impact on the cost of heating with wood pellets. With our high efficiency wood pellet stoves you will save hard earned dollars on heating costs. Now, rather than burning your money into smoke, you can keep the heat in the house and save on the cost of heating.

Compare the Cost of Heating with Wood Pellets

See the chart below from Revision Heat in Maine. They compare the cost of heating with wood pellets to heating with propane, natural gas, heating oil and a heat pump. Since 2005, heating with wood pellets is one of the most cost effective heating choice available in PA, MD and DE.

cost of heating with wood pellets

Wood Pellet Heating Cost Comparisons | From Revision Heat in Maine

More on the Cost of Heating with Wood Pellets

Furthermore, the cost of heating with wood pellets is not the only based on dollars and cents. Environmental impact is another important factor when discussing the cost of heating with wood pellets. Environmentally, there are a number of reasons to choose wood pellets over oil or propane.

  1. Heating with wood pellets means homeowners are lessening their ecological footprint. Pellets are made from waste sawdust collected in saw mills and factories. When one burns premium wood pellets for heat, what would have rotted in a landfill is now put to use as a heating source. Burning wood pellets produces as much carbon as a tree rotting in the forest. So rather than seeing wood shavings rot away or be burned for nothing, become a part of recycling these precious resources and save on carbon gases.
  2. Install a bulk pellet storage system and do even more to save the environment. With bagged pellets, there are are tons of waste produced via plastic bags used to transport the pellets from the factory to your basement and into the pellet stove. However, when customers choose to install a pellet bin for storing pellets, they will lessen the impact of their heating choices even more. Now, you can save on the cost of heating with wood pellets, and reduce waste at the same time.
  3. Heating with wood pellets save limited oil and gas resources for other uses. We all know that it will be a long time until the world is no longer dependent on oil and gas. There are countless ways in which we use those limited resources. When you heat your home or business with wood pellets, you are saving those limited resources for other uses.

Why Heating with Wood Pellets is a Money Saver

Heating with wood pellets has been and continues to be one of the best financial choices when it comes to the cost of heating your home. In addition, when you factor in the environmental advantage of heating with wood pellets, the cost of heating with wood pellets is truly offers great savings!

Get started saving by heating with wood pellets from Kingdom BioFuel!

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