DIY Bulk Wood Pellet Storage Bins

Easy to Assemble Wood Pellet Storage Bins in PA and MD

DIY Pellet Bin Kit ONLY $895.00 with a Fill Kit!

Why Choose our DIY Bulk Pellet Storage Bins?

1. Easy to Assemble

Our easy to assemble Do-it-Yourself Pellet Storage Bins for Pellet Stoves are a breeze to assemble. They come with full assembly instructions included and give you the best choice when you are switching from bag to bulk wood pellets. Watch the video on our DIY Pellet Storage Bins and find out how easy it is for you to do the job yourself.

2. Get Summer Discounts

During the summer months Kingdom BioFuel runs specials on their bulk wood pellets. But if you have no room to store those pellets you will miss out on those great summer specials. Buy a economical DIY pellet storage bin and you can get in on those summer savings. Or go with a FREE (for first time buyers) Super-Sack that holds one ton of pellets and have that setup in your basement or garage.

3. Cheaper Delivery Rates

If you visit our Bulk Wood Pellets page and check out the prices of our pellets for heating you will notice that we have three delivery options in our pricing. The reason for this is that when KBF can deliver your pellet fuel through a pellet fill pipe system with connectors outside the home the delivery is much smoother. If you install a DIY Bulk Pellet Storage System from KBF, you not only save by getting summer specials, you can save on delivery costs.

4. Store Two Tons of Wood Pellets

At KBF our DIY pellet storage bins are only one of many options for pellet storage units. This DIY system offers two tons of storage for an economical cost. When you choose our Super-Sack which can be purchased for only $25.00, you only get one ton of pellets. This means more fill-ups, more delivery charges and more worries for you. Buy the DIY Bulk Pellet Storage Unit and make life easier for you.

5. Includes a Pipe Fill Kit

The $895.00 for our DIY Pellet Storage Unit includes a pipe fill kit (only 10 feet included). You will install the pellet storage in the basement or garage and then run pipes to the outside of your home. This means no one will have to be home when the bulk wood pellets are delivered and cheaper delivery rates. And remember, these are included in the price you see below!