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Pellet Bin Easy Fill Kit from Your Bulk Wood Pellet Suppliers

Kingdom BioFuel is a wood pellet supplies company for PA and MD. We serve Chambersburg, Shippensburg, Harrisburg, York, Lancaster, Holtwood, Quarryville, Reading, Parkesburg and and far east as Philadelphia in the East. In Maryland we are a wood pellet supplier for Bel Air, Elkton, Abingdon, Jarretsville and many other cities and towns in between. Discover how we can help you switch from bagged pellets to bulk pellets and make life easier for you!

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What the DIY Pellet Bin Assembly Video

Step 1: Buy a Pellet Storage Bin from Your Wood Pellet Suppliers of PA

Ready to go to a hands free pellet storage system? First, buy a pellet storage bin from Kingdom BioFuel. We are your local Wood Pellet Supplier in PA and MD and we offer many options in wood pellet storage systems. The most economical solutions for pellet storage from your pellet supplier is a SuperSack Pellet Storage System. Next, we offer FREE PELLET BIN PLANS which you can download and build in your own basement or garage. From our DIY Pellet Bins which you can buy for a mere $595.00 to our custom pellet storage bins which can be custom built for your convenience, we offer solutions.


See how the Fill Kit works from your Wood Pellet Supplier KBF

Step 2: Order a Fill Kit from Your Bulk Pellet Supplier in PA

After you have your wood pellet storage bin in place, it is time to install a fill pipe kit. This kit makes sure your pellet storage system is a handsfree solution to your pellet storage needs. Now when you need to refill the pellet bin in the basement, it works just as if you had a oil tank in the basement. Your wood pellet supplier from PA will come to your home, attach their vacuum hoses to the fill kit connectors located outside your storage bin and simply blow the exact amount of pellets into the bin that you need. And to top it off, you will only be charged for the pellets blown into the bin. No more getting more pellets than you can store just because your heating pellets supplier sells a certain amount of bags. You only pay for what you get!


Watch a Pellet Delivery in Progress

Step 3: Get your Pellets Delivered with our Vacuum System

When your bin is in place and the fill kit installed, Kingdom BioFuel, your local wood pellet supply store for PA and MD will come to your home or business with our delivery truck. This high tech truck is equipped with a vacuum system and blower that will place the pellets directly into your bin and then weigh exactly how much was delivered. The ease of this delivery system is makes switching from bag to bulk pellets easily worth it. It means no more carrying bags during the dead of winter, no more going to a local Home Depot or Lowes for emergency bagged pellets when the snow is falling and you wish to be home with the family. Get started setting up for bulk pellets today!

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The Pellet Bin Fill Kit from Your Pellet Supplier in PA

Switch from Bag to Bulk Pellets from your Local Bulk Wood Pellet Supplier