Kingdom FIre Bricks: Camping Firewood made Easy

We know what it’s like. The time to go camping has arrived and there is so much to do! There are clothes to pack, camping gear to assemble, a tent or camper to prepare and yes, the FIREWOOD FOR CAMPING! What if you could simply buy firewood for camping that takes up less space and gives you more fire per square foot of space it takes up in the camper or vehicle? Kingdom Fire Brick are an innovative firewood choice for camping.

Sawdust Firewood Bricks for Camping

Welcome to easy firewood for camping!

We all love to cozy up near the fire in the backyard or at camp. The enjoyment of roasting marshmallows and enjoying time with loved ones creates memories that will last a lifetime. But how annoying it is to gather the firewood to start a campfire only to have smoke burning our eyes. Moving around the rim of the fire to avoid the smoke becomes annoying!

Your camping just got better with Fire Bricks! These Sawdust Wood Bricks for Camping burn longer and hotter and produce less smoke.

Most importantly the wood bricks for camping are CO2 neutral. You can now enjoy camping using recycled sawdust as your firewood for camping that is safe and better for the atmosphere.

QandA on Fire Wood Bricks for Camping

Can I Take Fire Brick Across State Lines?

Actually, that is one of the greatest advantages of Fire Brick Firewood for Camping. You can buy it in PA and take it with you across state and county lines. There is no quarantine as you will find with typical firewood. Learn more about regular quarantine here…

Is Fire Brick Firewood Food Safe?

Fire Brick is made for kiln-dried hardwood lumber sawdust and is food safe. You can enjoy roasting marshmallows or hot dogs over these wood bricks for camping or your backyard fireplace.

Do the Sawdust Firewood Bricks Burn as long as Regular Cordwood?

If you keep your Kingdom Fire Brick in a dry place, they should burn longer than regular firewood. Enviro Brick is approximately twice the density of typical firewood.

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