Q and A on All Things Pellets

Are your wood pellets really made from recycled sawdust?

Sure are! Wood Pellets for Heating are considered a carbon-neutral heating source only because it uses recycled sawdust as the base product for manufacturing the pellets. There are no additives injected to keep the pellets cohesive. Rather, the sawdust is placed under extreme pressure and that pressure releases something in the sawdust that gives you the hard feel of wood pellets.

What is the dust content in your wood pellets?

Kingdom BioFuel offers SUPER PREMIUM PELLETS. Our quality standards are nearly unmatched in the pellet heating world. If you read our reviews, you’ll find that people who use our pellets say they burn hotter and longer than other pellets. When we deliver bulk wood pellets, we attach a vacuum system to make sure the dust does not fill the basement or garage.

How does delivery work?

Depends on what you are buying. If you buy pallets of bagged pellets, our delivery team will come with a flatbed trailer and unload the pellets with our pellet mover. If you order bulk hardwood heating pellets, we bring our truck that is equipped for blowing pellets into a bin.

Can I pick up my wood pellets?

Yes, no problem. We have many customers who come to our pellet store in Peach Bottom, PA to pick up their own wood pellets. If you are buying bulk wood pellets, you will need a way to unload the super sack of wood pellets. Otherwise, we would recommend you purchased bagged wood pellets. Be sure to place an order before coming so we can have the order ready when you arrive. Place your order here.

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