Our New Preimum Pellet Mill in PA, Buy Pellets from our Pellet Mill MD

Our New Preimum Pellet Mill in PA, Buy Pellets from our Pellet Mill MD

New Pellet Mill MD

It has been a long time in coming, but the Kingdom BioFuel Premium Pellet Mill in PA is in operation! For months, our team has been working to get all the pieces together for this new wood pellet mill in PA and the final pieces are finally coming together.

The Premium Pellet Mill in PA serving PA, MD and DE

Months ago our Kingdom BioFuel team traveled to the New England states and dismantle a large pellet mill operation. The pellet mill parts were loaded onto several trucks and brought to the new Kingdom BioFuel location at 1989 Lancaster Pike in Peach Bottom. Getting the pellet mill to our location in PA there was only the first step to a long process of getting the mill running.

Initially, out KBF team had a plan to be producing premium wood pellets by January of 2016. But delays of many kinds kept the process from moving forward as quickly as planned. We then contracted with another pellet mill in PA to get them through the delay. Today, the pellet mill in PA is running smoothly and summer prices for heating pellets are on.

The Premium Pellet Mill in PA History

Premium Pellet Mill in PA

Steve Fisher in the KBF Vehicle

Kingdom BioFuel began in 2010 when Steve Fisher of Lancaster, PA had a heating problem. He was burning corn and pellets in his outdoor furnace when corn and prices skyrocketed. He soon switched to burning all pellets to heat his home, but the backbreaking work of pouring bags of pellets into his furnace was getting to be too much.

Steve spent hours researching other means of getting pellets into his furnace and in the process discovered that bulk wood pellets do exist. He soon ordered several tons and had them delivered. But the fact that there was only one company in Pennsylvania which was producing this valued product left Steve thinking he must get involved in opening a pellet fuel company to supply others like himself who wanted an easier way to burn wood pellets.

For the first few years, Kingdom BioFuel LLC rented a delivery truck and did biweekly deliveries to a small list of clients throughout Lancaster County and the surrounding area. As their customer list continued to grow, so did the need of better equipment to get the job done. Soon Kingdom BioFuel invested in a new state-of-the art bulk delivery truck of their own. Today, this truck is busy making bulk wood pellet deliveries in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware five days a week. We also sell and delivery bagged premium wood pellets in PA, MD and DE

Premium Pellet Products from our Store in PA

Wood pellets are only the beginning of our line of pellet related products in PA. We also carry some amazing wood pellet stoves for sale in PA, MD and DE. These wood pellet stoves run more efficiently than any other wood pellet stoves. We also carry a quality line of pellet furnaces that run super efficiently and many other supplies related to wood pellet heating. Stay tuned to our upcoming animal bedding pellets coming to a farm near you!

While much has happened in the past years with Kingdom BioFuel, there is more to come as we strive to live by our company motto of being “Leaders in Renewable Energy.” The aim of KBF is to make burning pellets as easy and hands-free as burning oil or gas.

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Chris Stoltzfus of Lancaster County, PA is a professional marketer of pellet stoves, bulk wood pellets for heating and other pellet heating solutions. His experience in marketing and design have helped Kingdom BioFuel become a growing force in the bulk wood pellet market in Central Pennsylvania.


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