Outdoor Wood Furnace in PA

Outdoor Wood Furnace Pellet Boiler Shed with Pellet Storage

Want to burn bulk wood pellets in an Outdoor Pellet Boiler? Kingdom BioFuel designs and sells Outdoor Wood Furnace Energy Sheds that will house both an outdoor boiler and provide plenty of pellet storage. Our residential pellet boilers as well as our commercial pellet boilers come with automatic feeding systems to allow your outdoor pellet heating system to run hands free! learn more about our outdoor furnace options for your wood pellet furnace system.

Why Choose an Outdoor Wood Furnace Pellet Boiler?

  • Saves space in the basement or garage
  • Use with pellet vacuum systems to keep you home warm all winter
  • Custom sizes, designs and colors available
  • Include an area for garden and yard tools

Call for Pricing on an Outdoor Pellet Boiler Shed

Watch the Video of an Outdoor Wood Furnace Pellet Boiler in a Shed

Why Choose and Outdoor Furnace Shed for your Wood Pellet Boiler?

  • An Outdoor Wood Furnace allows you to use Pellet Fuel even in if you have no interior space for pellet storage
  • Free up space in your basement or garage by installing an Outdoor Pellet Furnace Boiler
  • Get Pellet delivered to your Outdoor Wood Pellet Boiler Shed even when you are gone
  • Keep your outdoor wood pellet furnace safe by keeping it under lock and key
  • Save money on heating by installing an Outdoor Wood Furnace to heat with pellets
  • No other outdoor wood burning furnace allows you to burn ecofriendly pellet fuel