wood pellet furnace in a shed

Buy Premium Wood Pellets in Bag

Our Eco Friendly 40lb Bag of Wood Pellets are the ideal solution for our customers looking for quality bagged pellets. Our bagged wood pellets are carefully packaged to keep any moisture from spoiling the quality of the pellets. Our premium wood pellets are low ash and high volume to make sure you get the most from our pellets. They also impact the environment less. Our Bagged Pellets can be burned in any Wood Pellet Stove and Wood Pellet Boiler from Kingdom BioFuel. Buy wood pellets by the bag from any Goods Store locations, or you can pick up pellets at our Plant in Peach Bottom, PA. We also offer a pallet of pellets delivered to your home for a small fee.

wood pellet furnace in a shed

Premium Pallet of Pellets

Kingdom Biofuel Offers our customers the option of buying a Pallet of Pellets which can either be picked up at our mill or delivered to your home for as little as $75.00. Our PALLET OF PELLETS will be produced in our own mill in Peach Bottom, PA and can be delivered directly to your home. As with all of our pellets, we offer premium quality wood pellets that are low ash and will keep you warm all winter long. These wood pellets, combined with our highly efficient state-of-the-art wood pellet stoves will make burning wood pellets easier on the pocketbook and on the environment.
We also offer Wood pellets In Bulk for those who are interested in wood pellets delivered in a super sack or a bin. See our Low bagged Delivery rates below.

Bagged Pellet Delivery Costs

  • 1 Ton of Bagged Pellets


  • 2 Ton of Bagged Pellets


  • 3 Ton of Bagged Pellets


  • 4 Ton of Bagged Pellets


  • 5 Ton of Bagged Pellets


Bagged deliveries beyond 25 miles from our Peach Bottom location will have additional transportation fees of $3/mi. 6T Max. (one way) for bagged deliveries. For larger quantities, please call our office. We’ll place/stack the pellets on the same level as the driveway, up to 15 feet from the parked delivery truck.

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