Pellet Boiler and Wood Pellet Stove Maintenance Programs

It is essential to have a regular boiler and pellet stove maintenance program to ensure the optimum health and efficiency of your stove or pellet boiler. If you want to meet the requirements set forth in your manufacturers warranty, then an annual cleaning is very important. Furthermore, with an annual cleaning, you can avoid future problems, unforeseen headaches during the winter season and extend the trouble free life of your stove/boiler.

Kingdom Biofuel is here to provide the following services:

  • Venting/flue pipe cleaned (not included for fireplace inserts)
  • Combustion blower cleaned
  • Exhaust manifold cleaned
  • Convection motor cleaned
  • Gaskets inspected (additional labor charge if replacement needed)
  • Hopper cleaned (if already empty of pellets)
  • Review general operation and answer customer questions

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  • Special Summer Discount


  • Winter Price


*Possible Additional Costs: $2.00 a mile if service location is more then 25 miles away from Peach Bottom, PA 17563. Additional labor is billed at $60.00 an hour. Service days are Monday through Friday.

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Pellet Boiler Maintenance in MD
Pellet Stove Maintenance in MD