Prune Pits for Heating Burn in your Outdoor Boiler

Burn Prune Pits for Heat this Winter

Prune Pits Heat is a great way to use a waste product and turn it into Biomass Heat. They are both cheaper and more environmental friendly than burning gas or fuel. Prune pits are a waste product that can be dried and used in outdoor biomass burners. Kingdom BioFuel offers PRUNE PITS FOR SALE by the ton within our delivery area. Our prune pits are dried in our facility and delivered to your outdoor storage area.

Why Prune Pits for Heating?

Burning prune pits in your outdoor boiler is an environmentally friendly choice. Prune pits that are used for your heat source are simply a waste product from prune factories.
Why Prune Pits for heating? They burn at 9500 BTU per pound, more than wood pellets. There is also very little ash produced while burning prune pits.
Enjoy a warm home to a warm cup of coffee knowing your home is heated with a waste product and your carbon footprint has been reduced by burning prune pits.
Prune Pits for heating in Maryland

Prune Pellets for Heating: Alternative Fuel for an Outdoor Boiler

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Hardwood Heating Pellets

Buy your prune pits in bulk and store them next to the boiler. You’ll have an eco-friendly heating source like none other. Image burning waste organic matter instead of letting it rot in the landfill!

Buy a cord of Firewood

Get a Shed for Storage

Store your prune pits next to the outdoor furnace in a shed built just for that. Kingdom BioFuel will come to your location and fill the shed with Prune Pits for heating your home or business.

Q and A on our Prune Pellets for Heating

Where do your prune pits come from?

We acquire our PRUNE PITS FOR HEATING from a local prune pit processor. The pits could be thrown into the landfill, but we have arranged with them to recycle them as a heating source. See the photos of our drying and prune pit delivery system below. We can deliver by the ton into an outdoor storage system. If you are interested but do not have an outdoor storage or heating system, choose from our outdoor pellet storage bins.

How does delivery work?

We bring our truck that is equipped for blowing prune pits into a bin. The prune pits are blown into the bin or shed and all you need to do after that is dump them into your outdoor boiler.

Do you also sell firewood?

As of 2018 we also sell firewood by the cord. One cord of split firewood fits on a pallet. Firewood can be delivered to your home or business and with our firewood mover be placed so you have easy access when you need it most. Please note that our firewood is not seasoned, so you will want to purchase it early to give it time to properly dry. Our firewood is great for camping, heating or pizza ovens!

Better yet… Try our Kingdom Enviro Brick as a replacement for Firewood. This product is made from recycled kiln-dried sawdust and shavings and burns cleaner with less ash than regular firewood.

Where can I find plans for a Pellet Bin?

Right here! We offer Free Pellet Bin Plans to help you get started with bulk wood pellets. You can simply go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy the materials and then order a Fill Kit for the Bin so the bin can be filled from outside the house.

How do I place an order?

Place your order by calling (717) 344-5429 and we’ll be delighted to take your order. Please note that depending on demand, we will not have the prune pits in stock.

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