Buy Prune Pits for Heating PA, MD, DE

Burn Prune Pits for Heat this Winter

Prune Pits Heat is a great way to use a waste product and turn it into Biomass Heat. They are both cheaper and more environmental friendly than burning gas or fuel. Prune pits are a waste product that can be dried and used in outdoor biomass burners. Kingdom BioFuel offers PRUNE PITS FOR SALE by the ton within our delivery area. Our prune pits are dried in our facility and delivered to your outdoor storage area.

Some Key Facts on Prune Pits:

  • They burn at 9500 BTU per pound (more than wood pellets)
  • They are a waste product that is recycled to produce heat
  • They produce very little ash (Customers who used to clean their boilers once each month, now clean them once a year)

$175 per Ton

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See Our Prune Pits for Heating System in Action

We acquire our PRUNE PITS FOR HEATING from a local prune pit processor. The pits could be thrown into the landfill, but we have arranged with them to recycle them as a heating source. See the photos of our drying and prune pit delivery system below. We can deliver by the ton into an outdoor storage system. If you are interested but do not have an outdoor storage or heating system, choose from our outdoor pellet storage bins.

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