Bulk Wood Pellets For Sale in PA and MD

20 Reasons to Switch from Bag to Bulk Pellets For Sale in PA

Choose to buy bulk wood pellets for sale from Kingdom BioFuel in Lancaster, PA and you will find many advantages. Not only are there financial savings, there are environmental, time and safety advantages to burning wood pellets in your boiler or stove. Scroll down and watch or read to discover many reasons for switching from pellets in bag to bulk wood pellets for your heating needs.

  1. No pellet bags to carry into the house

  2. When you buy bulk wood pellets from Kingdom BioFuel there will be no more carrying heavy pellet bags into the house. Many bagged pellet consumers know the pain brought about by laboring to get the wood pellet bags into the basement or garage. When Home Depot or Lowes makes a delivery of wood pellets in bags the hard work has just begun. Switch to KBF bulk wood pellets for sale in Pennsylvania and Maryland and save the “pain in the neck” and back!

  3. No need for customer to be present during delivery (with a fill pipe)

  4. Pellet Fill Kits from Kingdom BioFuel offer an easy solution to having your pellet storage bin filled while the customer is gone. Fill pipes on the outside of the house or storage shed pellet bin allow KBF personnel to simply hook their vacuum pipes to the pipes going into your bin and blowing the pellets, dust free, into your bin. No more need to be home and open up the house for your pellet delivery.

  5. No need to shop for bagged pellets in the dead of winter

  6. Remember all those times in the dead of winter when your bags of wood pellets became scarce? Imagine if, when that happened all you had to do was call KBF and request a ton of bulk pellets delivered to your bin in the basement! Imagine further if KBF installed an automated system which would alert Kingdom BioFuel every time your pellet levels became low. No more running to Lowes or Home Depot when the wood pellets get low and the prices are high!

  7. No slipping on the ice while moving bagged pellets into the house

  8. If you are a seasoned wood pellets buyer who uses bagged pellets from a chain store, then you know that when the bagged wood pellets arrive in your driveway in the dead of winter there is a lot of work to do next. This is especially the case when the walkway is ice-covered and the lane is hard to maneuver due to ice and snow build-up. Cut out all this hassle and switch to a bulk pellet storage system and buy bulk wood pellets from KBF. Get started today by calling 717-344-5429!

  9. No hassle with finding a means of transportation for bagged pellets

  10. With bulk wood pellets that are for sale from Kingdom BioFuel in Lancaster, PA you will no longer need to be sure the pickup truck or other vehicle is available to go pick up an order of bagged pellets. Our bulk pellets for sale in PA and MD are delivered via KBF truck equipped with a vac system intended to make the job as easy as possible. Simply install one of our Bulk Pellet Storage Bins in your basement and outfit it with a Pellet Bin Fill Kit and KBF will fill your bin from outside the home just as happens with oil or gas. No need to be present and no more hassle finding a vehicle to transport your bagged pellets.

  11. Have the pellets blown into a bin versus set in the driveway

  12. KBF is a full service seller of wood heating pellets, wood pellet stoves in PA, commercial wood pellet boilers, residential wood pellet boilers and wood pellet accessories to make sure your pellet heating experience is the best possible. We offer a variety of pellet storage bins from our Economy DIY Pellet Storage Bin to larger pellet storage units designed to make your pellet heating experience as good as possible. And since we deliver bulk heating pellets directly to your bin, there is no hassle on your part.

  13. No bag waste to pollute the earth

  14. When you burn bagged wood pellets they come in 40 pound bags. What does one do with all those bags after the pellets are gone? No doubt, one ton of bagged pellets produces a large pile of waste plastic bags. When you switch from bagged to bulk wood pellets, not only do you save money on the pellets, you will help keep the landfills of America empty. Switch to buying BULK WOOD PELLETS in PA and MD and no longer will you need to deal with mounds of waste plastic and the pallets used to deliver those pellets. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW

  15. Automated pellet refill alerts sent directly to KBF

  16. KBF can install technology on your pellet storage unit which will automatically alert them when your bulk pellet bin is low. No more worries about running low on propane or heating oil, now you can have the peace of mind in knowing that at the coldest times of the year when you are to busy keeping yourself warm, you will not need to check your pellet storage bin level.

  17. Buy the amount of pellets that fit into the bin

  18. With our state-of-the-art bulk pellet delivery truck you will never be charged for more pellets than are delivered. KBF does not simply guess on the amount of wood heating pellets that go into your bulk pellet bin, they use built in technology to weigh precisely how many pounds of pellet fuel is delivered to your bin. Just like a delivery of gas, fuel or propane, KBF prints off a slip at the end of the delivery and bills according to the pounds blown into the bin.

  19. Proven method with thousands of bulk pellet consumers on the East Coast

  20. In 2000 there were no bulk delivery trucks on the road. Today there are over 30 trucks throughout the northeastern part of the USA delivering bulk wood pellets for sale in those areas. KBF’s bulk pellet delivery system is among the best around. It delivers your bulk wood pellets for sale in PA and MD with a vac system designed to eliminate dust in your home and moisture in the pellets.

  21. Cheaper heating solution

  22. Bulk Heating Pellets For Sale in PA are a great choice as well because of the saving in heating costs. Since there is less manpower involved in bulk wood pellets, the cost for producing them is less. Bulk pellets are both cheaper on the pocketbook and better for the environment.

  23. Eco-friendly heating choice

  24. Pellet heating is known to be a carbon neutral heating solution. Burning wood pellets produces as much carbon as a tree rotting in the forest. So rather than seeing wood shaving rot away or be burned for nothing, become a part of recycling these precious resources and save on carbon gases.

  25. Buy pellets in off season and save even more

  26. When you install a bulk pellet storage unit from KBF then you are equipped to take advantage of summer pellet savings. Since pellets are produced year-round and producers are eager to move pellets summer and winter, consumers will find the best deals on wood heating pellets for sale during the summer months when heating is not needed. So stock up during the summer and save even more on your winter heating costs all while recycling waste products!

  27. Cleaner method of filling the pellet stove

  28. A bulk pellet solution means the work of getting wood pellets into your stove is cleaner than with bags. No more cutting open the bags next to the stove and cleaning up the mess later. Simply take a small bucket to your bulk pellet storage bin and scoop and pour into your pellet stove. Or better yet, buy a residential pellet boiler from KBF and have an auto pellet feeding system going directly into the unit.

  29. Option of a Vac System to transfer pellets to cabinet beside the stove

  30. KBF seeks to offer the best and most convenient in pellet heating solutions. That is why we are unveiling an all new pellet vacuum system to transfer wood pellets directly to a cabinet next to your pellet stove. Our new vac systems for pellets will mean all you need to do is pull out the pellet bucket from the cabinet and pour the wood pellets into the stove. No more even going to the garage or basement to keep the house warm! Watch for more on this soon and sign up for our newsletter to stay tuned.

  31. Support the local economy

  32. Whether it is building the bins, installing a vac system or getting your bulk wood pellets delivered to your pellet storage bin, all of the KBF bulk pellet business is based on local labor. We hire from our local Pennsylvania community and seek to provide good jobs. When you buy from Kingdom BioFuel you are buying local and helping reduce reliance on foreign oil.

  33. Buy from a small family owned business

  34. KBF is a small family based business located in Lancaster County, PA. While we offer bulk pellets for sale in PA and MD, we also provide pellet storage systems and accessories to wood pellet consumers all across the USA. So buying from KBF means you are supporting small business in America and investing in the future of our nation.

  35. An increasingly popular heating source

  36. Bulk wood pellets for sale in PA are an increasingly popular heating source. Hundreds of customers each year are switching from bagged pellets to bulk wood heating pellets. Over one million people have chosen wood pellets as a heating source in American and many more have done the same in Europe. Our wood pellets for sale in Lancaster, PA offer a great choice for people seeking a more eco-friendly and safer heating solution.

  37. Buy from the same mill consistently for better quality control than with bagged pellets

  38. When you buy bulk wood pellets from Kingdom BioFuel you get a consistent source of bulk pellets. Rather than buying from a chain store or other department store where they choose the cheapest wood pellets on the market, KBF provides a consistent supply of quality wood heating pellets. And with the coming addition of our own pellet mill, the consistency should only increase!

  39. Enjoy the Cozy Atmosphere Without all the Hard Work

  40. Many folks choose Pellet heating due to its cozy environment. Since you can buy bulk wood pellets for sale in PA and MD and have them delivered directly to your bulk pellet storage systems, you can have the cozy atmosphere without all the extra work!!