I have been using this type of product for a few years now to supplement firewood I’m able to obtain from my lot and from neighbors, and it works very nicely in my wood stove. My usual problem when purchasing from other vendors was how to get the product to my house since I don’t own a truck or a trailer suitable for moving that kind of weight. Ordering from Kingdom solved that problem – I got a fair price for the product and it was delivered very neatly into my garage so I could keep it dry while I worked on stacking it against one of my garage walls. You do have to keep this stuff dry, so make sure you have room indoors somewhere. But if you have somewhere to put it, it is very dry, VERY clean burning, and easy to use. Very highly recommended, and if you buy your wood, it is price competitive (at least in my area) with cordwood, and probably wins on actual heat delivered per dollar. I’ve never bought wood that was really properly ready to burn in an airtight stove. This stuff is bone dry so you can burn it with your damper closed way down and stay very efficient.