Great Pricing!

This will be my second year with Kingdom Biofuel. Last year during the shortage I was able to order a full ton as opposed to by the bag, and at fair pricing as opposed to the price gouging that was going on here in Maryland. Mr. Steve knew that he could of charged me more for pellets with the shortage we had. We even discussed it at one point because there just had to be a catch somewhere. I was so much of a skeptic that I got a couple of buckets to try because it was just too good to be true. The pellets burned fantastic, put off high heat, and had moderate to little ash. I was super impressed with his operation and the quality of pellets delivered. I never write reviews, but his company was worth writing about in a day and age where money is the only thing people seem to care about. What he did for me and my family last year was honorable to say the least, and for that, I’m a customer for life.