Kingdom Biofuel pellet review

I’ve purchased pellets from this company for 2 years now. This year (16′) they began making their own product, and I find the pellet quality to be outstanding in every aspect. I’ve tested 50+ premium and super premium brands, and would place their current pellet quality in the top 5 for high heat, and very low ash & dust. I take the time to thoroughly clean my Harmon XXV every 3 days, then, use a probe thermometer in the burn pot, AND another at the air circulation port, so my review is based on facts. The company is responsive and enjoyable to work with, delivery is free, or reasonable depending on your location, and the price per ton was the best on the market. Transporting pellets from 1ton bags in 5 gallon buckets to my pellet stove is much easier than carrying the normal 40lb bags, and I don’t have all the plastic waste to dispose of. I’ve been burning pellets for 8 seasons now, and find the Kingdom Biofules method of doing business the most efficient, effective, and valuable way of getting the most out of heating with wood pellets. If the pellet quality is maintained at the current level from year to year, I’ll be a customer for life!!