Wood Pellets in Bulk

We have been dealing with Kingdom Biofuel for almost 4 years. They have, by far, the best pellets we have ever had. After heating with pellets for approximately 11 years we have had different pellets by different companies and always in bag form. Due to my wife and myself having a lot of neck & back issues with multiple surgeries, carrying 40 lb.bags of pellets was pretty much impossible. We then found out about the bulk pellets from Kingdom. We thought we would give them a try, & built a bin in our basement to hold them. Then we had the problem of carrying 5 gal. buckets up the stairs. I then built a vacuum system to go from the bin to a Shop Vac upstairs. I works GREAT to say the least. It was built from just a few supplies at the hardware store & makes it SO MUCH easier to get the pellets upstairs. We have never had a problem with the pellets delivered & they burn wonderfully with very little ash build up. We are so pleased with their pellets and service that we have told friends about our stoves and delivery, & they have also switched!! We can call for a delivery & usually have them within a couple days, but no longer than a week. Honesty, good products, & quick delivery!! What more can you ask for from a full service pellet company!!