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The Kingdom BioFuel History

In 2010 Steve Fisher of Lancaster, PA had a problem. He was burning corn and pellets in his outdoor wood pellet furnace and corn prices skyrocketed. He soon switched to burning all pellets but the backbreaking work of pouring bags of pellets into his bin was getting to be too much. Steve spent hours researching other means of getting pellets into his furnace and in the process discovered bulk wood pellets could be bought locally. But there was only one company in Pennsylvania that produced these pellets. He immediately ordered a load and started dreaming of opening a pellet fuel company to supply others like himself with pellets.

For the first few years, Kingdom BioFuel rented a delivery truck biweekly to deliver bulk pellets to their small list of clients. As their client list grew, KBF invested in a state-of-the art bulk pellet delivery truck of their own. Today, this truck is busy making deliveries of bulk wood pellets five days each week. This truck services Southeastern PA, Maryland and Delaware.

Our Pellets Direct Manufacturing Facility

The biggest and most exciting addition to the company came in 2015 when Kingdom BioFuel invested in their own pellet mill which mean you can now buy pellets direct from our facility. This pellet mill in PA will be in production in early of December 2015. We are more than excited to see our customers burning a consistent quality wood pellet all from our own mill located in Pennsylvania. And now all of our clients can BUY PELLETS DIRECT from the manufacturer and ensure they don’t run short on wood pellets. Watch for more about or pellet mill in PA and come visit us when you can and find out more about our discount wood pellets offered throughout the year.

From our new facility in Peach Bottom we offer:

While much has happened in the past years with Kingdom BioFuel, there is much more to come as our company seeks to live by our motto of being “Leaders in Renewable Energy.” Our job is to make heating with pellets as easy as heating with oil or gas.