Our New Wood Pellet Mill in PA

You know what it’s like to buy pellets that claim to be premium wood pellets, but turn out to be less than that. It seems every company claims to have a premium brand, but as you have found out, not all pellets produce the same amount of heat.

That’s why we are super excited about our very own Pellet Mill based in Peach Bottom, PA! This has been a work in progress for month and months and we are finally producing pellets day after day. Listen to what one of our customers has to say about the pellets coming from our Wood Pellet Mill in Peach Bottom:

“The customer service is great and the quality of the pellets is above what we have used for years. There is very little ash and the pellets burn hotter!”

Bagged Wood Pellets from our Pellet Mill in PA

For the past five years of our Kingdom BioFuel history we focused on bulk wood pellets delivered to a pellet storage bin or pellet storage containers. Kingdom BioFuel was purchasing bulk wood pellets and delivering them to our customers in Eastern PA, Delaware and Maryland. But with the addition of our own PA wood pellet mill in 2015, we now offer bagged wood pellets for sale direct from our manufacturing location in Peach Bottom, PA.

The Kingdom Biofuel Bagged Wood Pellets are the same premium quality wood pellets that our company offers in our bulk delivery system. Buy bagged pellets in bulk and have them delivered to your location or buy a pallet of pellets and come to our location and pick them up yourself. Our Wood Pellet bag come in 40 pounds for ease of moving them into and around the house to fill your stove.

Bagged Wood Pellet Heating in PA

The Wood Pellet Mill in Peach Bottom, PA

With our years of experience in bulk wood pellets and a growing customer base, it made sense to us we should also Have our own WOOD PELLET MILL IN PA. The new pellet mill located in Peach Bottom, PA will help to ensure that there will not be a repeat of the 2011 crisis wood pellets in PA were in short supply. Now Kingdom BioFuel will have a supply of their own premium wood pellets and not be reliant on other producers should there be a shortage. With our new wood pellet mill in PA our customers can now come to our location and buy a pallet of wood pellets, bulk wood pellets or a pellet stove or automated pellet boiler on display in our pellet supplies showroom.

Tours are available by request at our new pellet mill in PA. You will love to watch the complicated process of taking sawdust from local Lancaster based sawmills and shops and turning that dust into wood pellets to heat your home. With the new addition of our pellet mill, we supply PA Wood Pellet Burning residents with more options to heat your home with an eco-friendly approach.

Visit our new wood pellet mill located in the Lancaster, PA Amish Country and see the options for heating your home with bulk or bagged wood pellets. Call 717-344-5429 to Schedule a free Site Tour and see the wood pellets being manufactured, watch our high end pellet boilers in action and compare our high tech Italian made Ravelli Pellet Stoves.

Our New Pellet Mill in PA Home Office Location

With the opening of our new Pellet Mill in PA we are excited to announce that we have an all new home office in Peach Bottom, PA. Connected to our pellet mill you will find a full service showroom and office to meet all your need for bagged or bulk wood pellets. The location is central to our PA and MD pellet fuel customers and will allow us to serve them even better than before.
Our new location offers all of the following and more:
Showroom many of our products

  • A store to buy bagged wood pellets by the piece
  • Pickup location for bagged pellets in bulk or bulk pellets in a container
  • Friendly staff to help you make the best choices on your pellet heating needs

Visit our Pellet Supplies Showroom and Office at:
1989 Lancaster Pike
Peach Bottom, PA 17563