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by Debbie Hastings on Kingdom BioFuel LLC
Very little ash!
Product:: Wood Pellets

The customer service is great and the quality of the pellets is above what we have used for years. There is very little ash and the pellets burn hotter! I highly recommend Kingdom Biofuel to all who use wood pellets!

by Steven Kline on Kingdom BioFuel LLC
Cleanest Burning Pellets Ever!
Product:: Premium Wood Pellets

Great Pellets. They are the cleanest burning pellets we have used in 4 years and will continue to buy.

by zeusluvr 4vr on Kingdom BioFuel LLC
Wood Pellets in Bulk

We have been dealing with Kingdom Biofuel for almost 4 years. They have, by far, the best pellets we have ever had. After heating with pellets for approximately 11 years we have had different pellets by different companies and always in bag form. Due to my wife and myself having a lot of neck & back issues with multiple surgeries, carrying 40 lb.bags of pellets was pretty much impossible. We then found out about the bulk pellets from Kingdom. We thought we would give them a try, & built a bin in our basement to hold them. Then we had the problem of carrying 5 gal. buckets up the stairs. I then built a vacuum system to go from the bin to a Shop Vac upstairs. I works GREAT to say the least. It was built from just a few supplies at the hardware store & makes it SO MUCH easier to get the pellets upstairs. We have never had a problem with the pellets delivered & they burn wonderfully with very little ash build up. We are so pleased with their pellets and service that we have told friends about our stoves and delivery, & they have also switched!! We can call for a delivery & usually have them within a couple days, but no longer than a week. Honesty, good products, & quick delivery!! What more can you ask for from a full service pellet company!!

by Glenn Robinson on Kingdom BioFuel LLC
Wonderful Customer Service

Great Company with wonderful customer service!

by Rosanna Stoltzfoos on Kingdom BioFuel LLC
Great Stoves
Product:: Ravelli Wood Pellet Stove

After having a few different pellet stoves Kingdom Biofuel has come out with best yet. Now with a service guy on the road, we have for the first time the best year with our stove. We couldn't be more happy with our product.

by Speed Jones on Kingdom BioFuel LLC
Awesome Company
Product:: Ravelli Pellet Stove

Pellet vs wood- I was a wood burner for 15 years. Just recently I switched to a pellet stove. "Once you go pellet you never go back". lol.. I absolutely love my Ravelli Stove. It way exceeded my expectations. This is as close as anyone can get to the heat of a wood burning stove without actually having one. Quality pellets combined with an awesome stove. A perfect match. I would recommend this stove to anyone who had a doubt about switching. What a great group of people at Kingdom Biofuel. Excellent service along with friendly people make for a wonderful experience. Come on winter!!!!!

by Stacy Kiggins on Kingdom BioFuel LLC
Great service
Product:: Best Wood Pellet Stove

We love this company. Not only do they have the best pellets we've ever used, they are timely, responsive and dedicated. We loved this company so much that we purchased a stove from them. The process was smooth, the install quick. When we ran into some home problems during the installation, Ephraim and Timothy treated us like family and reached out to us with unparalleled care and concern. We will be customers for life.

by Robert Michel on Kingdom BioFuel LLC
Great Pricing!
Product:: Bulk Wood Pellets

This will be my second year with Kingdom Biofuel. Last year during the shortage I was able to order a full ton as opposed to by the bag, and at fair pricing as opposed to the price gouging that was going on here in Maryland. Mr. Steve knew that he could of charged me more for pellets with the shortage we had. We even discussed it at one point because there just had to be a catch somewhere. I was so much of a skeptic that I got a couple of buckets to try because it was just too good to be true. The pellets burned fantastic, put off high heat, and had moderate to little ash. I was super impressed with his operation and the quality of pellets delivered. I never write reviews, but his company was worth writing about in a day and age where money is the only thing people seem to care about. What he did for me and my family last year was honorable to say the least, and for that, I'm a customer for life.

by Pat Condon on Kingdom BioFuel LLC
Best Bulk Pellets in PA
Product:: Bulk Wood Pellets

We’ve tried several kinds of pellets at different prices & these are the best! They burn better & hotter. They keep our house 3 or 4 degrees warmer at the same setting than other pellets we’ve had. Great father & son team. So glad we found out about you!

by Dave Culbert on Kingdom BioFuel LLC
Great Bulk Pellet Company!
Product:: Bulk Wood Pellets

Kingdom Biofuel is great. High character, Hard working. These guys provide a great service with bulk wood pellets. Their prices are good and they are always looking for ways to help the customer and provide an efficient service.

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