Kingdom Fire Bricks: A Smart Choice for Heating, Camping or Cooking

No doubt, we all love a great time around the fire! Whether it is the smell and warmth of burning firewood around a campfire, the warm glow of a winter wood stove or the taste of a freshly prepared pizza from a pizza oven, there is nothing like it! Now you can have all of that with Kingdom Fire Bricks, an alternative firewood for heating, camping, or a pizza oven. These fuel bricks are made from recycled sawdust and kiln-dried shavings to make your Carbon footprint smaller while enjoying the warmth, smell, and taste of a wood fire.

Why Choose Fire Bricks?

Fire Brick Burns Hotter and Longer than Regular Firewood. They are twice as dense and made from 100% kiln dried hardwood lumber sawdust which is compressed with 24,000 lbs of pressure.
Environmentally Friendly Just like our Bulk Wood Pellets and our Bagged Wood Pellets , Firewood Bricks are considered CO2 Neutral. They produce no more carbon than if the sawdust would rot in the open.
Affordable Even with all the benefits, these Fuel Blocks are an affordable heating choice. See prices for our Heating Bricks and our Camping Firewood Bricks and get started enjoying a more affordable solution. See our blog post about firewood delivery
Firewood for Pizza Oven

Three Uses for Fire Bricks

Enviro Bricks for Camping

Fire Brick for Camping

Go camping without having to worry about where to find firewood! Kingdom Fire Brick are not quarantined and thus can be carried across state lines. Whether you need fuel blocks for a backyard firepit or wood bricks for camping Fire Bricks will make life easier!

Fuel Blocks for a Firewood Stove

Fire Brick for Heating

Carrying firewood into the house leaves a trail of dirt and insects and storing the firewood inside takes up to much space. With our wood brick fuel, you can stack the compressed wood bricks in very tight spaces and avoid nearly all the dirt associated with burning cordwood.

Fuel Blocks for a Firewood Stove

Fire Brick for Pizza Oven

How would it be to have Firewood for a Pizza Oven without all the dirt and hassle of working with firewood? In addition, you could store more Fire Brick in a small space and save space inside your restaurant. We ship Kingdom Fire Brick in PA, NJ, NY, MD and DE.

QandA on Fuel and Firewood Bricks

Where can I burn Fire Brick?

You can burn Fire Brick in almost any wood stove. They are essentially a replacement for firewood with much less hassle.

What is the BTU of Fire Brick?

One 42″x48″x48″ skid of Fire Brick compares with the BTU of one 48″x48″x96″ cord of well-seasoned firewood.

What are the Fire Bricks Made From?

Fire Brick heating fuel is made of recycled hardwood sawdust and shavings. So when you burn Fire Brick, you are taking a waste product that could be dumped into a landfill or burned as waste and using it to heat your home.

How Much Ash does Fire Brick Make?

When you burn Enviro Wood Bricks, you should have about 1/4 as much ash waste as with cordwood. In addition, your chimeny will have much less build up than if you are burning regular firewood.

How Much Storage Space will I need?

A one ton skid of wood brick fuel take up a 42″x48″x34″ area. You can stack them higher to keep them in a tigher space. In general, our wood bricks take up about 1/2 the amount of space as regular firewood.

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Enviro Bricks Are A Great Discovery

I have been using Enviro Bricks in my wood stove for three seasons now and am very happy. They are easy to transport and much less messy than hauling firewood through my house. There is minimal ash left over after burning them. I burned three pallets of them last season and when my chimney sweep came this year he couldn’t believe that there was less than 1/8 bucket of creosote in my chimney. They also… Read more “Enviro Bricks Are A Great Discovery”

April 22, 2021

Enviro bricks

We love the enviro bricks. They are the right size for our tile stove, burn clean and last quite a while. We like to add them to a wood log fire for extended heating when we leave the house or overnight. We are so happy that you carry the enviro bricks at your store. Bill and Hilde Cox.

December 10, 2018

Enviro brick

They ignite easily but burn time is only approximately 3 hours. Have been mixing them with firewood so do not have enough information on how affordable they will be. They do produce a equal amount of heat as firewood.

December 10, 2018

Enviro bricks work good.

I purchased the new enviro bricks to see how they heated compared to cord wood, well it’s been awhile now, enough to tell how they do so I looked in the chimney and hardly any soot at all and they definitely burn hotter and longer than cordwood.

January 9, 2019

Enviro bricks

I had never tried these awesome wood blocks before for the past seven years I’ve used wood but it has become Scaris and purchasing it is hit and miss people selling it says that its season and it’s not and then I lose money because I can’t burn the wood these amazing blocks is the worth their weight in gold Roblox lasted me approximately 4 hours a hot radiant heat now that I have tried… Read more “Enviro bricks”

December 10, 2018


Fantastic! My husband came across these Enviro several years ago. Our opinion is they are an incredible addition to our lifestyle. We like to heat with wood but as we all know traditional split wood can be very messy and time consuming. With the enviro bricks, my whole family can participate in loading up the car and then stacking them in the garage when we get home. We got two palettes unloaded and stacked in… Read more “Fantastic!”

December 7, 2018

Great woodstove fuel

The bricks are fine and work great, But because the bricks are so sensitive to moisture they should be wraped 100%, sealed in plastic and they aren’t

December 9, 2018

Great product

Very clean, easy to light. No bark, bugs or mess. Only need a dry storage area like the basement. Highly recommend. Merv is a great guy to do business with.

December 8, 2018

Excellent Product for Wood Stoves

I have been using this type of product for a few years now to supplement firewood I’m able to obtain from my lot and from neighbors, and it works very nicely in my wood stove. My usual problem when purchasing from other vendors was how to get the product to my house since I don’t own a truck or a trailer suitable for moving that kind of weight. Ordering from Kingdom solved that problem –… Read more “Excellent Product for Wood Stoves”

December 6, 2018

Love the bricks

We love the bricks. We use them in addition to our regular wood logs. The six bags are ideal to carry and store inside the basement. The bricks are the right size for our wood burning tile stove. We start with a regular wood fire, then add one or two bricks, they are ideal to keep the fire going when we are out of the house or overnight. We are glad that you have them… Read more “Love the bricks”

December 6, 2018

Very pleased

I like them very much puts out good heat I like that I can time when I have to feed the the stove with more down to about 15 minutes I will be getting more

December 6, 2018

Great firewood replacement

I am burning the Enviro Bricks in a Tulikivi masonry heater (fireplace). These bricks are great. Clean, no woodpile mess, very dry, ash is reduced by about 75 percent. Relatively easy to start with firestarters, and easy to reload. I’m burning 40 pounds per night. Great heat output. And so easy to store in the garage, just stack them up against the wall. The “local” (VA) Tulikivi dealer let me know about a similar brick… Read more “Great firewood replacement”

December 6, 2018

Wonderful Product

Decided to start with a ton of enviro brick this year instead of cord wood and i wish I would have bought enough for the season, I like everything about them. They burn hot and long and clean. There is no wood mess scattered around my wood stove.

November 26, 2018

Hot Bricks

Kingdom Enviro bricks or an amazing product. Super clean. Long burn time. Far beats firewood. Plus they offer delivery period with an all terrain pallet jack right back to your shed.

September 12, 2018