BBQ Grill Pellets: Three Flavors to Choose From

If you have not tasted the difference between food grilled on a wood pellet bbq grill, then now is the time. You will love the flavor and with our bbq grill pellets, you have three choices of top quality wood pellets to choose from. See our green mountain pellet grills and

Kingdom BBQ Grill Pellets

Enhance the taste of your evening meal with Kingdom BBQ Grill Pellets! You're friends and family will rave over your grilling skills that popped up overnight. Don't have a pellet grill? See our pellet grills.
Grilling with BBQ Pellets and a Pellet Grill makes grilling so much easier. With auto-feed for the pellets, temperature control, and even wifi, your grilling will be tastier and easier in one fell swoop!
Get the natural taste of Apple, Hickory, Maple, and Cherry wood with our BBQ Grill Pellets. Add some rubs and sauces to make your grilling even more outstanding!
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BBQ Grill Pellets

Now you can grill year-round. Just fire up the pellet grill, dump in Kingdom BBQ Grill Pellets, set your temperature on your WiFi-enabled grill app, and you’re off to a great start!

Fuel Blocks for a Firewood Stove

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BBQ Pellets are great, but without a pellet grill, they won’t do you much good. A pellet grill will take your grilling life to a new world of tastes and aromas. Shop our pellet grills from Green Mountain and Smokin Brothers!

Fuel Blocks for a Firewood Stove

Pellet Grills and More

Spice up your life even more with pellet grill accessories. Add a pizza oven, get rubs and sauces, tools for your pellet grill and covers to keep your pellet grill looking good. There’s a lot you can do with a pellet grill!

Q and A on BBQ Grill Pellets

Will your pellets work in my existing pellet grill?

Kingdom BBQ Pellets should work in almost any pellet grill. They are made to work with your Trager Pellet Grill, Green Mountain Grills, Smokin Brothers and more.

How do I place an order?

We hope to have online ordering up and going soon, but for now, the best way to order BBQ Grill Pellets is to call us at (717) 344-5429

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