Hardwood Pellets in Bags: Your Trusted Heat Source

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Our hardwood pellets in bags are a good option if you burn a small number of pellets each year. We use high-quality bags that seal out the moisture and protect your heating pellets from spilling during handling. When you’re ready to load the pellets into your stove, simply cut the corner and pour in the contents. Buy your bagged hardwood pellets by the ton or get your hardwood pellets by the bag. Want to make your pellet life easier? Check out the bulk hardwood pellets or bulk softwood pellets that can be delivered right into a storage bin or Super Sack in your basement or garage.

Hardwood Pellets in Bags Delivery

We can deliver a ton or more of hardwood bagged pellets to your door. If you need a large quantity of pellets, we can deliver an entire pallet of bagged pellets and unload it with our delivery equipment. This saves you multiple trips to a retail store to refill your supply of pellets.

You also have the option to pick up individual bags of hardwood pellets at one of our convenient retail locations.

If you use pellets as your main heat source, discover 20 reasons to switch to our bulk delivery option. This option saves you time and money by eliminating the cost of bags and making moving the pellets around easier. You won’t need to dispose of bags and you’ll contribute to the health of the environment. We can help you get set up for bulk pellet delivery.

Q and A on Hardwood Pellets in Bags

Can I buy bagged pellets by the pallet?

We sell hardwood heating pellets and softwood heating pellets by the bag or by the ton. You can buy a pallet of pellets which can be delivered and set right into your garage with our pellet mover. Or buy a pallet of bagged heating pellets, have them dropped in your driveway and then carry them into the basement. Our pellet mover can place them as close to the entrance as possible to reduce the among of work you have to do to get them into place.

How does delivery work?

Depends on what you are buying. If you buy pallets of bagged pellets, our delivery team will come with a flatbed trailer and unload the pellets with our pellet mover. If you order bulk hardwood heating pellets, we bring our truck that is equipped for blowing pellets into a bin.

Can I pick up my pellets?

Yes, no problem. We have many customers who come to our pellet store in Peach Bottom, PA to pick up their own pellets. Be sure to place an order before coming so we can have the order ready when you arrive. Place your order here.

What is the difference between bagged bulk pellets and regular bulk pellets?

Bagged bulk pellets are just that: bagged. A half ton of pellets fits on one pallet. We deliver the pallet of pellets to you and place it in your garage or near the place where you would like to stack them.

However, our bulk hardwood pellets and bulk softwood pellets are a different system altogether. Bulk Pellets are stored in bins or Super Sacks. Our vacuum equipped truck comes to your location and fills the pellet bin then we charge for the pounds that were delivered just like an oil truck would deliver and charge for oil. You only pay for what gets blown into the bin. There is much less hassle as you don’t have to carry and stack pellet bags all winter long.

Where do you drop my pallet of bagged pellets?

We will drop your pallet of pellets in the garage or next to an entrance where you wish to stack them. If you’re lucky, we might even stack them in the garage or basement for you! Ask about the possibility of having them stacked in place when the pellets are delivered.

Is there a minimum number of pellets I need to order for free delivery?

Delivery prices are by the ton. If you buy a ½ ton of pellets for any reason, you will pay the per ton price. See the delivery prices here and give us a call if you have any further questions.

How are your bagged pellets different from other brands?

Our pellets are produced to the highest standards. Whether they are produced in our own mill or we work with others mills to produce our bagged pellets, we expect the best. The pellet mills we’ve worked with have agreed to raise the standard of the pellets we offer to ensure the best for our clients!

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Very Impressed !!

I normally don’t do reviews but this place got my attention as soon as I walked in. The lady in the office (Christy) greeted me with a smile and was very kind and helpful with my order. (First of all its hard to get a smile from anyone in a business anymore). Steve the guy that loaded the pellets on my trailer was very careful loading them and ask if I needed any help with… Read more “Very Impressed !!”

August 9, 2021

Great Hardwood Pellets

Best hardwood pellets I have used….Will continue to buy from Kingdom…..Great service and friendly employees…. Being delivered to the basement via bulk truck is the best
decision I have made…..So much easier now…

June 16, 2021

Much Easier

For the last several years I have used Kingdom Biofuel and have been well satisfied with the hardwood pellets they deliver…..I use the bulk pellet delivery and they are delivered on time as promised and the system they use is very clean with no dust…..They blow the pellets from the truck into my 1 ton loading sacks located in the basement…..I have found this much easier than carrying the 40lb bags down the steps…..They are… Read more “Much Easier”

June 16, 2021

Enviro Bricks Are A Great Discovery

I have been using Enviro Bricks in my wood stove for three seasons now and am very happy. They are easy to transport and much less messy than hauling firewood through my house. There is minimal ash left over after burning them. I burned three pallets of them last season and when my chimney sweep came this year he couldn’t believe that there was less than 1/8 bucket of creosote in my chimney. They also… Read more “Enviro Bricks Are A Great Discovery”

April 22, 2021



August 24, 2020

Softwood pellets – Not very clean and burn quicker

I’ve been purchasing Bulk Pellets for a few years now and have been very satisfied with Kingdom’s service and delivery. However, in the past I ordered the Hardwood Pellets and never had any issues except for a higher ash level. The Softwood I ordered this year has a lot more wood dust causing the pellet stove bin to get clogged up not efficiently using all the pellets in the hopper. Also, since the Softwood burns… Read more “Softwood pellets – Not very clean and burn quicker”

February 8, 2019

Best pellets

We have purchased several brands of pellets over the years. The pellets from Kingdom Biofuel surpass all others. I won’t get pellets from anyone else. Clean burning and less ash. I would recommend these to everyone.

January 10, 2019

Gravity feed pellet stove

This is my first year using a pellet stove to offset the cost of my geothermal heating bill of 900 a month. Overall it has been helping. But it hasn’t been to extreamly cold this year. The pellet stove I bought is gravity feed and does not have a mechanical hoper. So my only complaint is the amount of saw dust in the bags along with the pellets. The saw dust tends to act like… Read more “Gravity feed pellet stove”

January 10, 2019

Bulk Pellets


January 10, 2019

Best pellets to buy

I have burned these pellets all winter and have tried every pellet on the market by far these are the best and very little dust

February 8, 2018

best pellets i have ever bought

I have use many of different brands of pellets, but Kingdome biofuel is by far the best that I have ever used. They are very friendly, professional, honest, and accommodating. The pellets burn very hot, and clean. I love the fact that i am not wasting a ton of plastic and trash from all the bags. I will continue to use them for ever

January 3, 2018

Great Product! Great Service! Great Price!

I highly recommend buying bulk pellets from Kingdom Biofuel.
They only sell the premium pellets which burn hot with very little ash and at a great price.
They have always gone out of their way to accommodate my delivery.
I am very happy with the service I received for the last three years and I will continue to purchase my pellets from Kingdom Biofuel.

November 28, 2017

We will be a long time customer

We wanted to try an easier way to get our wood pellets in our basement, so we ordered bulk pellets from kingdom biofuel. Merve came and did all six tons within an hour if that. He was very friendly, kept the dust to pretty much non-existent. I have a feeling we will be a long time customer

November 7, 2017


These guys are great. They showed up in their time slot, and got straight work. The guy that came was very proffesional. KINDOM BIOFUEL uses a vaccum to keep the dust levels as low as possible. Which i thought was terrific. They also discussed other storage options and asnwered all my questions. I will be 
Buying from them for many years to come. I reccomend you do too!
A++++ for these guys. Thank you so much. My back is so happy that i wont be carrying 4… Read more “Awesome”

September 21, 2017

Very best we ever used

We have been burning pellets over ten years and used many different brands. The Kingdom Biofuel burns cleaner with less ash and dust. They seem to burn longer and warmer. Glad we found you in Peach Bottom PA.

February 9, 2017

Cleanest Burning Pellets Ever!

Great Pellets. They are the cleanest burning pellets we have used in 4 years and will continue to buy.

January 12, 2017

Very Little Ash!

The customer service is great and the quality of the pellets is above what we have used for years. There is very little ash and the pellets burn hotter! I highly recommend Kingdom Biofuel to all who use wood pellets!

January 12, 2017

Kingdom Biofuel pellet review

I’ve purchased pellets from this company for 2 years now. This year (16′) they began making their own product, and I find the pellet quality to be outstanding in every aspect. I’ve tested 50+ premium and super premium brands, and would place their current pellet quality in the top 5 for high heat, and very low ash & dust. I take the time to thoroughly clean my Harmon XXV every 3 days, then, use a probe thermometer… Read more “Kingdom Biofuel pellet review”

January 5, 2017

Excellent Customer Service

Thank you for your amazing customer service. Happy Holidays! My only only question is my recent order burns great but not very clean. Much more ash then last year. Any suggestions?

December 22, 2016

Rude Driver!!!!

This was our first order from Kingdom Biofuel and it will be our last.! On the phone and website everything was fine but when the driver got to the house he was R U D E! I was so shocked I just turned around and went back into the house numb, stunned. If I’d been in my right frame of mind I would have refused delivery. There is no excuse for treating people so poorly.

August 5, 2016

Wood Pellets in Bulk

We have been dealing with Kingdom Biofuel for almost 4 years. They have, by far, the best pellets we have ever had. After heating with pellets for approximately 11 years we have had different pellets by different companies and always in bag form. Due to my wife and myself having a lot of neck & back issues with multiple surgeries, carrying 40 lb.bags of pellets was pretty much impossible. We then found out about the… Read more “Wood Pellets in Bulk”

February 29, 2016

Wonderful Customer Service

Great Company with wonderful customer service!

February 15, 2016

Great Bulk Pellet Company!

Kingdom Biofuel is great. High character, Hard working. These guys provide a great service with bulk wood pellets. Their prices are good and they are always looking for ways to help the customer and provide an efficient service.

October 22, 2015

Best Bulk Pellets in PA

We’ve tried several kinds of pellets at different prices & these are the best! They burn better & hotter. They keep our house 3 or 4 degrees warmer at the same setting than other pellets we’ve had. Great father & son team. So glad we found out about you!

October 22, 2015

Thank You

Ephraim and Steve are great guys. They really go out of their way for their customers. The wood pellets they provide work great in our wood pellet boiler. Can’t say enough great things about the company. Excellent service and great price. Thanks, Kingdom Biofuel!!

August 20, 2015

Great Pricing!

This will be my second year with Kingdom Biofuel. Last year during the shortage I was able to order a full ton as opposed to by the bag, and at fair pricing as opposed to the price gouging that was going on here in Maryland. Mr. Steve knew that he could of charged me more for pellets with the shortage we had. We even discussed it at one point because there just had to be… Read more “Great Pricing!”

November 15, 2014