Bulk Pellets for Bedding

Buy bulk wood pellets for bedding when you need large quantities and want to save avoid the backbreaking work of carrying bags of pellets. We can deliver bedding pellets and blow them directly into your bin or storage area. This saves you the hassle of picking up the heavy bags of bedding pellets and carrying them around. You can shovel the bedding pellets into your wheelbarrow and unload them easily into your horse and pet bedding areas. Switch to bulk bedding pellets to experience the difference.

Advantages of Pellets for Bedding in Bulk

In addition to the advantages of using pellets for bedding, there are also advantages to buying bedding pellets in bulk.

  • When you buy pellets in bulk you don’t need to mess with opening and disposing of the bags. So buying bulk pellets saves time and is better for the environment.
  • You won’t need to move heavy bags around which saves your back. Instead of moving bags of bedding pellets, you can simply shovel the pellets into a wheelbarrow or open the tap on your bin.
  • When compared to spreading from a bag, pellets are easier to spread in your horse stalls using a shovel.
  • You have the option to set up hassle free automatic delivery directly into your pellet bin or storage area. This saves you time and you won’t need to worry that you’ll run out.

Buying BEDDING PELLETS IN BULK is a good choice for the serious horse lover or anyone else who requires a large amount of bedding pellets while caring for animals.

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Q and A on Pellets for Bedding in Bulk

What are the Advantages of Pellets for Bedding?

There are almost too many to mention, but here are a few:

  • Pellets for bedding absorb 6-10% more moisture than kiln dried shavings
  • Bedding pellets reduce ammonia smell
  • They stall clean out time
  • Bedding Pellets are Cheaper than traditional shavings
  • Our bedding pellets reduce waste removal up to 50%
  • Bulk Bedding pellets for horses dramatically reduce storage space
  • Bedding pellets have less dust than traditional shavings
  • You can use your bedding pellets for horses and small animals
  • Pellets for bedding require less labor which means more time with your horses!
How does bulk bedding pellet delivery work?

We have specialized pellet delivery equipment that allows us to blow the pellets into your bin or storage area.

If you are buying bagged bedding pellets by the pallet, we bring a forklift that can place them in your storage area.

If you order bagged pellets in bulk, we use our delivery truck to blow bulk bedding pellets into a bin or on the floor of an empty stable.

Where can I store bulk pellets for bedding?

There are several options for storing your Bulk Pellets for Bedding.

  • Store your bedding pellets in a pellet bin where they will free flow into a wheelbarrow or other cart.
  • Ask for a Super Sack (first one is free with your first bulk bedding pellet order) where you can store up to one ton of pellets.
  • Blow them in an empty stall or open space in your horse barn.
Can I pick up the bulk bedding pellets at a retail store?

Yes! You can visit our facility in Peach Bottom PA and pick up your bedding pellets. Please be sure to place an order before you come so we can have your bedding pellets ready for you.

If you are buying bagged bedding pellets, they can be loaded onto your truck by the bag.

If you wish to buy a ton of bulk bedding pellets, we have a Supersak which can be loaded onto a pickup truck. You just have to be sure to have a machine available to unload the bulk horse bedding pellets. Visit our pellet outlets page to find your nearest store.

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