Buy a Cord of Firewood for Heating Your Home

Limited supply, use Kingdom Fire Brick instead!

Remember the many times you’ve snuggled next to the fireplace or firewood stove on a cold winter’s evening or an early winter morning? There is just nothing that compares to a warm place on a cold day! But you also remember the hard work that goes with burning firewood. You could enjoy burning wood more if there was an easy way to source the firewood and season it. Pick up your cut and split firewood at our Peach Bottom, PA location!

Cord Firewood Cut, Split Ready for Pick up

By the time winter comes, you’ve spent hours and hours finding cord after cord of firewood to heat your home. You run here and there to pick it up and then have to stack it just where you want it.

What if you could simply click a few buttons or make a phone call and the firewood would show up at your home and be dropped next to the house on a pallet?

If that’s not good enough, take a look at our new Kingdom Fire Brick where you get to use Firewood for Heating with an eco-friendly twist!

Kingdom Fire Brick is made of recycled sawdust and kiln-dried shavings which are then compressed into wood blocks. You get more BTU and a cleaner wood burning solution.

Cord of Firewood for Heating a Home

Cord of Firewood and Firewood Brick Pricing

QandA on Firewood For Heating

Is this Firewood Seasoned?

Unfortunately, no it is not. You should buy firewood and allow plenty of time for seasoning to make sure you get the most out of your firewood.
However, we do offer another product called Kingdom Fire Brick which is made of compressed sawdust and shavings from kiln dried lumber. It gives you more BTU, stacks very nicely and is cleaner than typical cord firewood.

Enviro Firewood from Compressed Sawdust
What kind of wood species is the firewood?

The firewood for sale from our facility in PA is 85% Oak. It is stacked on pallets and delivered to your home or property.

Does Kingdom BioFuel deliver the firewood?

Great question! We used to do deliveries, but have discontinued that as of January 2019. So for now, you will have to come to our location to pick up your firewood.

Can I take this firewood across state lines?

Actually, yes you can. This firewood is stamped for crossing state lines. No quarantines and no restrictions. You are welcome to visit our location and pick up firewood for heating your home or business. Please be sure to contact us before you come to pick up your firewood to ensure we have it in stock.

How long are the firewood pieces?

Our cord firewood is cut around 16 to 22 inches in length. It is split and stacked on a pallet to make it easier to move from place to place.

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