Wood Pellet Bedding by the Bag

Our wood pellet bedding by the bag is a good choice if you need bedding pellets in smaller quantities. It’s also a good fit if you need to store your pellets outside. Our pellet bags are designed to keep out the moisture so you don’t need to worry about your valuable bedding being ruined by rain or dampness. Get wood pellets in bags for convenient storage and application. We deliver these bags in PA, NJ, NY, MD and DE or you can pick up your pellets at one of our convenient retail locations.

Bagged Wood Pellet Bedding by the Ton

If you use lots of pellets for bedding and would rather work with bags, we’d be happy to deliver an entire pallet of bagged pellets to you. When you buy bagged pellets by the ton save hard earned money when compared to the price per bag.

We can deliver our wood pellet bedding to your location. When you order an entire pallet of bedding pellets, you save time by not having to pick up a few bags at a time. The bagged bedding pellets are delivered to your location and unloaded with our specialized delivery equipment.

Save even more time and money by ordering your bedding pellets in bulk. This option is available if you have a pellet storage bin or empty corner in your barn that is available for pellets. Our delivery truck can unload your pellets into your bin or storage room for a hassle-free experience.

wood pellet bedding by the bag

Q and A on Wood Pellet Bedding by the Bag or Ton

What are the Advantages of Wood Pellet Bedding?

There are almost too many to mention, but here are a few:

  • They absorb 6-10% more moisture than kiln dried shavings
  • Reduces ammonia smell
  • Reduces stall clean out time
  • Wood Pellet Bedding is Cheaper than traditional shavings
  • Our wood pellet bedding reduces waste removal up to 50%
  • Bulk Bedding pellets for horses dramatically reduce storage space
  • Bedding pellets have less dust than traditional shavings
  • You can use your bedding pellets for horses and small animals
  • Bedding pellets require less labor which means more time with your horses!
How does bagged bedding pellet delivery work?

We have specialized pellet delivery equipment that allows us to move the pellets into your storage area.

If you are buying bagged bedding pellets by the pallet, we bring a forklift that can place them in your storage area.

If you order bagged pellets in bulk, we use our delivery truck to blow bulk bedding pellets into a bin or on the floor of an empty stable.

Can I pick up the bagged bedding pellets at a retail store?

Yes! You can visit our facility in Peach Bottom PA and pick up your bedding pellets. Please be sure to place an order before you come so we can have your bedding pellets ready for you.

If you are buying bagged bedding pellets, they can be loaded onto your truck by the bag.

If you wish to buy a ton of bulk bedding pellets, we have a Supersak which can be loaded onto a pickup truck. You just have to be sure to have a machine available to unload the bulk horse bedding pellets. Visit our pellet outlets page to find your nearest store.

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